A Little Crafty

This past Saturday, the women’s organization in my church had a service activity where we made quilts for critically ill children at a hospital in Baton Rouge. I don’t have much experience sewing or quilting. In fact, the only time I have ever sewn was when I made a skirt for myself about 8 or so years ago. But I do like to watch Project Runway, so I figured I would do just fine. The real selling point for me was that I could go to the fabric store and pick out material! I totally pretended I was at Mood (even though it was just a Jo-Ann’s) and gave myself 30 minutes. So the material I picked out probably wasn’t so much for kids, but I liked it. You might say it was for a kid with a more discerning taste.

And I didn’t end up quilting anything because I read the materials list wrong and didn’t buy enough fabric, so I made a pillowcase. Jaime used some of my fabric and made one too!

Those pictures are half-way through the project. I never took pictures of the final product, but I could if I wanted to. Apparently, charities are kind of picky when it comes to quilts and pillowcases because ours didn’t make the cut, and I had to take them home with me. They were just great until the end when we realized our seams were too wide. It’s complicated to explain in a few words, but the charity rep wanted us to pick the seams apart and sew them again. Meh. They had enough pillowcases. I guess I’ll have to up my technical skills if I ever want to make it onto Project Runway. I’m sure I’ll get better by watching more episodes.


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