put yourself in my suitcase

I haven’t posted any songs for Music Monday because, once again, I haven’t been listening to any music. It’s a shame really. But I just finished a couple of audiobooks (this past week I was “reading” Hunger Games and Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins – can’t wait for the third book in August!), so maybe I should put audiobooks and podcasts on hold for a while and reacquaint myself with my ipod.

Since it’s been a while, though, I want to post something. Many months ago, a friend recommended Coconut Records to me. It has stayed on the ipod through several rounds of adding and subtracting music, so I must like it. I hope you do, too.

Coconut Records: West Coast



  1. Jenn · February 23, 2010

    Love, love, LOVE the Hunger Games and Catching Fire! Started them over Christmas. I can’t wait for August, either! Kyle’s not as concerned as me, though, about whether she’ll choose Peeta or Gale. Boys. 🙂 (This is where he would say “Girls.”)

  2. Hilary · February 23, 2010

    I LOVE this song. AND this band.

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