Fishes and Turtles and Sharks

Last Friday was a flex day for me (one of my every-other-Friday-off days), so we took advantage by going to the aquarium. If you ask Peter about the aquarium, he will tell you it’s where the fishes and turtles and sharks live. (He might also tell you about the pinching crab we saw in Florida last September.) Of course, there is much more to the aquarium than fishes and turtles and sharks.

I guess Friday is field trip day at the aquarium because both times I have visited, I have been among many, many school kids. It’s too bad because aquariums can be so peaceful. A couple of years ago, I visited the Seattle aquarium and there was one room down in the lower level that was completely surrounded with glass and you could just watch the fish swim by. I loved it. There is a room like that at this aquarium, too, but it was full of 5-year-olds during my visit. Not quite as peaceful.

When you’re done seeing fish and other sea creatures behind glass, you can always go outside and chase the pigeons.


One comment

  1. Amanda Nicholas · February 24, 2010

    Awesome pictures!

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