One of the Muckety-Mucks

When your bishop is a big shot executive at Entergy, you might just luck into some awesome courtside seats at the Hornets-Suns game. Amanda and I were invited to a night at the game with our bishop and his wife. We got the all-star treatment from the time they picked us up in the Cadillac. When you have courtside tickets, you get to park in a special lot right across from the Hive.

And you get to eat at a fancy buffet in the swank Bacardi Lounge.

When you’re finished eating the grilled mahi mahi in coconut sauce, jambalaya, roasted potatoes, fruit and imported cheese, and a fine array of desserts, you get to enter the arena through the same doors as the Hornets.

We sat on the first row. Yep, right next to all the players. It was actually kind of awkward because people were so close. The honeybees were standing right in front of us.

During the time outs, this usher-guy was standing right in front of us.

We even had the emcee right in front of us, which was fun to watch.

And the ref was standing in front of me most of the time, too. I even started contemplating what his life might be like.

I bet he’s a really strict dad.

I don’t mean to complain at all because it was awesome. We got a front-row to this:

And this:

We were so close, we could see all the funny expressions:

Oh yeah, and we were really close to all the action:

It’s too bad Shaq isn’t playing for the Suns this year. It would have been awesome to see him. And we’re totally twitter pals, so I’m sure he would have wanted to say hi before the game. But I do remember seeing Grant Hill on a Wheaties box, so I guess that’s pretty famous. What about the Hornets, though? Don’t they have any famous players? Sure they do.

That’s Chris Paul in the suit sitting on the bench because he’s injured. We’ll say that’s why the Hornets lost, although it was a good game. To be honest, I didn’t care who won because the courtside tickets already made me feel like a winner.



  1. Tom · February 3, 2010

    Steve Nash! My favorite Canadian NBA star!

  2. Kitty · February 3, 2010

    I am jealous! It looks like you had a fantastic night. I’m lucky if I score seats in the nosebleed section at big games.

  3. kellie buelo · February 8, 2010

    i’m jealous, too. freakin awesome. too bad no Chris Paul, but still. fun game.

    the honeybees are hilarious to me. i don’t know why. maybe the suspenders. yes. it’s the suspenders. ok. and the name. heh.

  4. Matt Brown · February 10, 2010

    Yeah, Shaq wasn’t planning because he’s on the Lord’s Team…Cleveland.

    Also, Robin Lopez needs a haircut.

    Also, I’m still more than a little jealous.

  5. b. · February 11, 2010

    The Salt Lake Bees have a team of Honeybees as well. Teen girls whose job it is to stand around looking bored.

    awesome post!

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