Picture Perfect Moments

Last year, I joined Momentile as a way to capture snapshots of each day. I wasn’t always consistent with it, and I think there were times when I went for a few weeks without posting anything. But so far this year I’m doing pretty well. I’ve only missed two days. I thought I would share a few of my favorite momentiles from this year.

Something I have struggled with a little while using momentile is my ultimate purpose for using it: do I post really good photos or do I post a photo that might not be so good but documents something from the day? Ideally, I’d like to combine the two, but that doesn’t always work out. I haven’t quite lived up to the potential of Momentile yet. I originally wanted to use it to challenge myself to find a way to make those mundane moments interesting or to find something picture-worthy in every day. Still very good goals that I’m working toward this year. I really enjoy using Momentile, though, because it also allows me to just glimpse a moment in the life of other people but without any commentary. I get to make up my own story for their moment.

Momentile used to be open by invitation only, but they’ve recently opened it up for anyone to register. If you want to share a moment of your day in photos, too, register and then tell me, so I can stalk you.



  1. Amanda Nicholas · January 15, 2010

    Katie all those pictures or moments look like happy ones. That’s nice!

  2. Sean Smith (zenX13) · January 15, 2010

    Hey Katie – I too am a Momentiler (we stalk each other – on Momentile not in life!) and have found it to be an amazing adventure! I have uploaded 268 consecutive photos/days and find it a really nice constant in my busy world. I, like you, try to find a great photo attached to a memorable daily event – not always possible but rewarding when it works!

    I have also found it to be a great area to stretch myself and have seen results – I feel I am taking far better photos now than when I started. I hope they see the site grow and many more find the pleasure we have submitting photos!


    • ktelaine · January 15, 2010

      Hi Sean! I’m so happy to have you come by and share your experience. Thanks!!

  3. kelliebuelo · January 17, 2010

    I just checked out the photos you’ve posted- so fun! I really love looking at the photos you take. You’re great at finding something worth photographing in the seemingly regular life-stuff.

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