A Routine Malaise

Oh hi! Geez, I haven’t blogged since last year! (I know, I know… groan.)

One of the things I love about the end of the year (and in this case, a decade) is all the Best Of… lists. Mostly because this makes it easy for me to find music that I haven’t listened to yet. Sure, it’s a little late and everyone else already has it, but I’m not that into being the first person to hear of a band. I spent last weekend checking out several albums from NPR’s Top 50 (picked by listeners). Topping the chart, Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear, an album/band many of my friends in the know have been praising for some time, but I never got around to listening to it. If I had only looked into it enough to discover that Daniel Rossen, who is one half of Department of Eagles (one of my favorite bands of last year), was involved, I wouldn’t have waited so long to listen to Grizzly Bear.

Just in case you haven’t listened to it yet, check out the following song.

Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks


One comment

  1. melodydays · January 6, 2010

    That is a really awesome song. Love it!

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