5:30 a.m.

I woke up to the rain. It was coming down hard, but I loved it. All snug in my bed and listening to the rain. They make CDs for sleeping in the rain, but in New Orleans, I get it for free. Then it occurred to me that it was raining pretty hard, which meant I should check the streets.

Yep. Flooded.

The water reached the door to my little Sentra parked across the street. I debated about whether to move it to higher ground, and since I didn’t know when the rain would stop, I decided to try it. So I put on some shorts, a sweater, and flip flops (because that’s how we roll in December), grabbed the keys to the Jeep and my car, and stepped foot in about a foot of cold, cold water. I pulled the Jeep forward several feet in the driveway to make room for my car. Then, because I was parked further down the street from the house on a one way street and there were actually cars driving down the road, I had to go around the block. Big mistake. The water was even higher on the street next to ours. And I had to drive through a lot of it. But I made it to our driveway and now the car is nice and dry.

Even if I’m not.

And of course, it’s 6:15 now and the rain has stopped.

Update: Half an hour later and the streets are totally dry. Probably should have just kept sleeping and let the car be. I hope I didn’t hurt it more by moving (i.e. driving it through water). Bah! It’s these rains… I don’t know what to do with them. Now, if it was a foot of snow rather than water, I would know how to handle it. Then again, maybe you handle it the same — just stay inside.


One comment

  1. kristy · December 9, 2009

    Oh no! The damn rain – it doesn’t stop here either.

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