Christmas Twofer

Now that it’s December, I guess it’s time to pull out my two Christmas albums. Christmas music overwhelms me. I have a hard time figuring out where to go to find good stuff. The other day I tried to type in Christmas as a new station in Pandora but it started playing stuff that I don’t like. How do I filter it? What other keyword do I need to use? Seriously. I don’t know. So I just stuck with the two albums I bought when I was in high school, but this year I got further than the first four songs. In fact, I have now listened to both albums all the way through 2.5 times and found multiple songs that I like! So since I missed Music Monday last week, I thought I’d post two of them today.

This first song was not only one that I really liked on my album, but a friend recommended it to me on Facebook. It does not disappoint.

Waitresses: Christmas Wrapping

I thought this was an unlikely Christmas song until I just read on Wikipedia that it’s frequently voted the number one Christmas song of all time. It starts off a little slow, but at 1:21 it bursts into Irish awesomeness.

The Pogues: Fairytale Of New York

If you have a favorite Christmas song, I’d love to hear it! I might even use it next week.


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