Pensacola Poladroids

Just for a change, I thought I’d turn some of my pictures from the quick trip to Florida last week into some poladroids.

|I drove there with Aaron, Natalie, and Jaime. We stayed at the Hampton Inn.|

|Back to Pensacola Beach. It not only felt familiar, but much colder.|

|White sandy beaches seem to inspire jumping.|

|The beach was covered in dead jellyfish. Jaime decided to make a difference to one by throwing it back.|

|When you’re not jumping on a beach, you might be pondering.|

|Or possibly just looking for seashells and sand dollars.|

|The art teacher was busy drawing pictures of a very ephemeral nature.|

|Feets and fins.|

|The colorful houses seen from the beach, and Nat’s shoes waiting on the sand.|

|Everyone wants a picture with Jaime.|



  1. Julia · December 2, 2009

    These are absolutely beautiful.

  2. Kitty · December 2, 2009

    Such beautiful pictures, Katie. You are really talented.

  3. Kylie · December 2, 2009

    Love those! The polaroid look is perfect for those photos!

  4. kristy · December 3, 2009

    Friend. I adore these pictures! You have the eye – and I love what the polaroid does to them.

  5. kellie · December 14, 2009

    fabulous, absolutely perfect.

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