Taking the Streetcar

The weather has just been perfect this past week, but because I’m usually indoors working during the best hours, I rarely take advantage of it. So I decided to enjoy the lovely afternoon by taking the streetcar home from church today. Here’s our little chapel located on St. Charles Avenue, which, conveniently, is where the streetcar runs.

lds chapel

I love the inside of these old streetcars. I love riding along with the windows all pushed up and looking at all the lovely houses along the Avenue.

streetcar seat

pink victorian

I get off near Tulane and Audubon Park, and then I just have to walk 10 blocks or so to my house. The neighborhood right next to campus is full of beautiful houses, too. Several of them have been attacked by spiders, ghosts, and skeletons.

spidies and house

spiders attack

But the afternoon sun made it impossible for them to look menacing. I had my headphones with me and enjoyed some Francoise Hardy.


I even saw a little fall color on some of the trees. It’s not quite the same as Utah, but I’ll take it where I can get it.

a little fall color

I think I might start taking the streetcar home more often.


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