Cristen and the Big Easy, Day 3 (continued)

almost symmetrical

On our way home from Nottoway, we stopped briefly at Metairie Cemetery. Even though we had just visited a cemetery the day before, I still wanted Cristen to see this one. The two are so different, and Metairie is full of the ornate vaults of the wealthy. I’m always amazed that no matter how often I visit the cemetery, I always see new things… or at least, see the same old things in a new way.

stained glass and iron work

blue glass and copper door

RIP doorknockers

rusty letters

little lamb, who made thee?

We did some browsing along Magazine Street. Cristen had read about a vintage store called Retroactive that we wanted to check out.


We found it difficult to browse through, though, because it was so crowded and it seemed a little overpriced anyway. We stopped in a few more stores, but many of them were closing down and I couldn’t find the particular store that I wanted to visit. It either closed down or I just couldn’t find it again. Either options are very likely, but I hope it’s the second. The evening was winding down, but I still had so much to show Cristen. We decided to ride the streetcar to Audubon Park, so I could show her the fountain and the Spanish moss and maybe the nesting birds. I parked along St. Charles, and we waited for the streetcar.

umbrella needed

It was starting to rain a little, and I was disappointed that it was already getting dark. One of the new, imposter red streetcars (with a/c) was coming down the tracks, and I reluctantly said we would take it, even though I had already told Cristen that I felt the shiny red was an affront to New Orleans tradition. But it passed us by without stopping. A little while later, when it was even darker, a standard green car came. We got in just as the rain was getting stronger. Something interesting about the streetcars here is that because there is no a/c on most of them, everyone pushes up the windows and the driver, drops the front windshield down so there is no glass between him and the outside world. But because of the rain, our driver lifted up the glass at one of the stops and everyone else started putting theirs down.

no windshield wipers<

watching out for rain

A woman in front of us pointed to the sheet of rain you could see a couple of blocks away through the front window and within seconds it was upon us. Our streetcar was barrelling through the rain with no windshield wipers. At each stop, people would come aboard with their clothes soaked through and others would roll up their pants and open their umbrellas. The further uptown we got, the higher the water got and cars parked along Audubon Park had water up to the tip of their tires. Visiting Audubon Park wasn’t really going to be an option. So we got off a few stops down and cross the tracks to catch the next streetcar back to the parked car. You can barely make out the flooded tracks in the picture below.

flooded tracks

Since the park was not an option any longer, we decided to just get some dinner. Mike and Amanda called just as we were finishing up and told me that our street had flooded and not to go back home for at least an hour, so what else could we do? We got visited my favorite little gelato place, Sucre. We ran into my friend, Aaron, there so spent a pleasant hour chatting. By the time we went home, the street was fine, and I was glad that Cristen go to experience a true Louisiana downpour.

Cristen had to leave early the next morning. The weekend went by much too quickly. Hopefully it won’t be another 2.5 years before we see each other again.


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