Some Things Don’t Change

I was a picky child. I refused to eat many things when I was little, among them such common place items as ketchup. My mom hated taking me shopping for school clothes because I could never find anything I really liked. When I finally approved of an outfit, she would simply buy it in all its available colors and call the trip good. In particular, I remember that in fourth grade, I had turtlenecks and matching pants in blue, purple and green. In fifth grade, I had leggings and tunic sweater sets in mint green, blue, and a black one with little scotty dogs on it. I guess some things don’t change, though. Today as I was folding my laundry, I realized that I still stockpile clothes. When I find a shirt I like, I tend to go back the next day or following week and pick up one in almost every color. But when they are $4 each, like the shirts on the left, or $6 a piece, like the shirts on the right, you really can’t go wrong. And luckily, I’m much less picky about food these days. Just don’t offer me any mushrooms.

one of each color


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