Dr. Dog at Howlin’ Wolf

dr. dog takes the stage

I decided, after a few encouraging comments from people who know about music, to go to the show (obviously), and I’m really glad I did. It had been much too long. In fact, I think the last show I went to was Bonnie Prince Billy back in December. Seriously. Well, last February I tried to go to Andrew Bird at the House of Blues, but after spending 45 minutes trying to park and then finding myself in an overheated, overcrowded venue where I couldn’t see anything, I only lasted half an hour. It was such a bad experience that as much as I love Andrew Bird, I’m not even going to attempt the show he’s playing here on Saturday. Anyway, back to the show… I convinced my friend, Nat, to come with me. We arrived before the first band started playing. I had never heard of either of the two opening bands, but they were actually pretty good. First band up, my name is john michael.

my name is john michael

My favorite guy was the percussionist on the right. He was having so much fun.

this guy/plaid shirts

Let me just pause for a minute and mention how many button-down plaid shirts I saw last night. So many! I lost track after 10. Guess it’s the new look. At the end of their set, the singer and drummer hopped off the stage and joined the crowd.

in the crowd?

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand – fun! let’s make this more of an immediate experience for crowd. And the sound really was awesome because there were two other drums on the stage, so it was really loud and right there. On the other hand – awkward! Am I going to have to interact with this person? Do I have to look like I’m really into the song and not kind of wishing it was over and the next band would start to play already because afterall, I came here to see Dr. Dog not my name is john michael. In this case, I think I prefer, as Nat said, to keep the fourth wall up.

Next band, the Generationals.



I really want to hear their music recorded. I think I’d really like it. They kind of reminded me of Camera Obscura, but their set was plagued by bad sound. They just couldn’t get the right mix of volumes. They didn’t play for very long. I tried looking them up this morning and found their twitter page. It has a picture of Jane Fonda as Cat Ballou. I approve.

Finally, Dr. Dog took the stage.


They had a really full sound that was perfectly mixed and tons of energy. They set up the stage so the whole middle was open and the three guitarists basically danced around in the middle the whole time. The Rebirth Brass Band joined them on a few songs. It felt really good to be out at a show again, and this was the size that I like. Big enough that there’s a lot of energy from the crowd, but not so big that you feel claustrophobic and can’t see the stage. Hopefully it won’t be another 10 months before my next show.

(sorry about the bad photo quality. the problem with a DSLR is that it’s too big to take to stuff like this, so I had to rely on the iphone.)



  1. Kylie · October 1, 2009

    That looked like a lot of fun! I’ve been craving a good concert lately too. 🙂

  2. Tom · October 1, 2009

    Huzzah! I’m glad you went, if only because it now provides leverage for my own seeing of Dr. Dog this weekend at Golden Gate Park:

    “Aww…but Katie got to see them…”

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