Because I Can and I Will

Dr. Dog is playing here on Wednesday. I’ve been debating about going to the show for a while now, so today I spent some time listening to Takers and Leavers. I thought I’d post one of those tracks for today’s Music Monday.

Dr. Dog: Goner

And since I couldn’t decide on a song, here’s another one from a mix Cristen made last year. (Hi Cristen! Can’t wait to see you in two weeks.)

Dr. Dog: The Ark

What do you think? Is it worth the $15? Did I mention they’re playing with the Rebirth Brass Band? So imagine those songs with added awesomeness. I think it might be worth it.


  1. Tom · September 29, 2009

    How could you even think about this? I once saw Dr. Dog open for the Black Keys and it was a life-changing show. They’re incredible live. Just go–and sneak pictures.

  2. alene · September 29, 2009

    They’re coming here soon too and Tyler really want to go, we’ve been fans for 3 years and missed them every time so far that they’ve been in town. Please post if you go!

  3. Zimm · September 29, 2009

    Almost any show is worth $15. But definitely Dr. Dog. Go!

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