More Pensacola Pics

I finally downloaded the photos from Amanda’s camera (so many cameras to keep track of! I still have some from the old Pentax that need to be developed), so I thought I’d post a few more from Pensacola Beach. I loved all the raised beach houses painted bright colors.

pastel beach houses

This one looks like it belongs in a 60s mod James Bond movie. Or under the sea… whatever.

james bond style dwelling

One of the problems of trying to take pictures immediately after exiting the air-conditioned car is fogged up lenses.

foggy beach

But I kind of like the effect. More pictures from the sunset.

little birdies

My friend, the Internet, told me that sea turtles nest in Pensacola Beach and that we were visiting during the hatching season. I was so excited! I pictured tons of tiny little turtles making their way to the ocean. Of course, it wasn’t quite like that, but Amanda’s sharp eyes did see one in the water.

sea turtle

On our way back to the car, Amanda was almost pinched by a ghost crab!

ghost crab!

I know it’s hard to see. That’s why it’s a ghost crab. This run-in had a big impact on Peter, who will still tell you the story about the crab and how daddy saved mommy.



  1. Kylie · September 27, 2009

    That sunset was AMAZING! So pretty! Also, I really love the foggy effect too. I would frame that photo. 🙂

  2. kellie · September 27, 2009

    awesome pictures as usual. i love those houses!! i want one in pink.

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