I Don’t Want to Fade Away

I’ve decided to do a little weekly feature here on Sharp & Keen alliteratively (but not too cleverly) titled Music Monday. Each Monday, I’m going to post a song. It might be something I listened to a lot that week, maybe a new song, or maybe a throwback to an earlier decade.

I’m starting off with something not in my normal library of tunes. I’ve never been an Eric Claption fan. Probably because I don’t like Layla or Stairway to Heaven and those were the only two songs of his that I knew, but Mike put this on in the car on our way to Florida, and I loved it. So here you go:

Eric Clapton: Bell Bottom Blues



  1. Tom · September 22, 2009

    What a great song–I remember Laurent said he loved Clapton more than anything, and that this was his favorite tune.

    Maybe Clapton would be more interesting if you immersed yourself in all the trivia obsessive Clapton fans love, like how the guy who wrote the piano riff from “Layla” did it in one take, and that years later he went a little off and killed his wife with a hatchet because he thought other people were trying to kill her. Bizarre!

    Also–isn’t “Stairway” Led Zeppelin? Give Clapton a chance!

    • katie · September 22, 2009

      drat, it is zeppelin. how embarrassing! (and Tom, I think part of my dislike for Clapton is because I remember that conversation in class with Bill and Laurent loving him so much. don’t want to be associated with that.)
      update: further research reveals that I don’t like Tears in Heaven. I know… heartless.

  2. Izzy · September 22, 2009

    I Love, love, love this song. It is so sappy and awesome all at the same time. I always request it when my brother is playing music monkey. It is one of those wierd one’s that couple’s always dance to at weddings, and it’s like, hey did you listen to the lyrics this song is tragic. I love it, though I love you more.

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