Audubon Zoo (part 1)


Another place I have been meaning to visit for a long time yet didn’t make it there until recently is the Audubon Zoo. We did try to visit last Christmas, but showed up about 20 minutes before the zoo closed. Since Amanda has a membership and can bring a guest for free, we still browsed a bit. I saw the elephants and the lions and tigers, but there was so much more to see. Since last Friday was my Friday off (I love those bi-weekly holidays), we decided to finally visit the Audubon zoo. The flamingos are the first thing you see.

pete watching the pink flamingos

But the sample out front was just a small part of the huge flock.

flock of flamingos

Pete didn’t have too much time for flamingos, though. He just wanted to run and run.

come on!

And then you stumble upon some old Mayan ruins.

fake Mayan ruins

That’s where they keep the jaguars, but Pete wasn’t scared.

pete and the jaguar

The spider monkies weren’t too far away.

spider monkey, so ponderous

And then the strangest-looking animal I have yet seen with my own two eyes, the anteater.

strangest animal ever

Rounding out our Mayan excursion were some lovely birds.

lovely feathers

long tail

By this time, we needed a good sit.

rest stop

zoo bench

Tune in tomorrow for alligators! bears! and footsie wootsies!



  1. Johanna · September 1, 2009

    I love looking at your pictures. Often I start scrolling down to look at them before I go back up to actually read your post.

    That animal though. It took me a while to figure it out. So strange looking.

  2. Erica · September 1, 2009

    That anteater! I thought his arm was his head! Like that rabbit/duck optical illusion picture!

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