Plantations and Refineries

shoots and ladders?

Two weeks ago I went to the temple in Baton Rouge. On my way home, after the outlet mall, I decided to follow the Mississippi River. All the old plantation homes used to follow the river, and I hoped that I’d see some dotting the landscape. I kind of did, mixed in with the new plantation home, oil and sugar refineries.

As you know, I’ve been on the hunt for the best plantation in the greater New Orleans area. One of the ones on my list is the San Francisco Plantation. If you will, take a moment to peruse that link. Just glimpse a little at the photos. Nowhere does it tell you that it’s in the middle of a refinery. Seriously, it is inside the refinery. I didn’t bring my nice camera with me, so I only had the iphone and there was a sheriff chatting it up with another car when I drove by the plantation, so I only got these two photos as I drove by:

San Francisco Plantation

San Francisco Plantation Tower

It looks nice enough, and I might actually go there for reals some day. But it is in a refinery! I somehow can’t get over this. I guess because it goes against every image of a plantation set amidst hundreds of acres of agriculture or gardens and oaks. So I would drive along the road, which mostly looked like this:

ramps to the Mississippi

refinery row

sugar refinery?

And then every once in a while, I’d come upon an old plantation, like this:

historic home set amidst the refineries
(You can see some of the refinery in the right corner.)

It was actually a rather pleasant drive (except for the smell at parts). I would do it again. It was actually interesting to see the old plantations juxtaposed with the industrialized ones.

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